There are three things I often check out when I get to new places: Cemeteries, libraries and barber shops. Cemeteries says a lot about the local culture. Details and trends are even in cemeteries, and it’s so quiet there … The stress is laid out there. Cemeteries are not a place you are stressed. So it only!
On the local libraries, it is first and foremost the shelf or shelves with art and photography books being studied. Some have wide range while others have small, but in common with the cemeteries, it is still also in the libraries. You do not make noise when you are in a library. You whispers about whether to say anything, you are in any case at least moderate with your speak level. Imagine if we could talk this way all the time. Had not everything seemed much friendlier then?
Then there was the barber shops. They are about to disappear. At least here in Norway. The good old barber, he that gave the knife shave a new dimension. Warm cloths in the face, whipped cream from soap dish with a shaving brush of badger hair …  These places fascinates me, too. I try therefore to seek out these places on a regular basis when I’m visit new places. Therefore, I will in future follow drip some of those moments to you who read my blog.

Here is the second drop (19.7.2012): Brazil


Here is the first drop (16.7.2012): India

Barber Shops and more …

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