What I see every day? Basically, one would think this is an easy task, but the challenge lies not in the actual motives. They we’re all a lot of … situations, things, or fellows we see every day. Here we can romp freely in everything we see and experience on a normal day. The challenge is to find new angles on all those mundane daily impressions. The photographic angles can make those interesting in a new way. Not just for everyone else, but with new eyes in your own world. Here lies the challenge!
I have chosen to solve the problem by taking me for a normal day at work. At this time of the year it usually starts with a frozen car early in the morning. It is the journey from the countryside and down to the city. It is the entrance to the office/my studio, the great castle that I can never get enough of. Here I had one of my first exhibitions. The day often starts with that put on a vinyl record on the player … and of course the PC – whether it’s in music studio or photo world, play the matter – I’m pretty much in both worlds every day … so I looked – So here they are these five illustrations of some of my daily insights.






12themes 2013 – What you see every day…

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