Normally, this site is about me and my pictures, – about “a human and his camera”…

But we have all our favorites that we looking to in our own photographic life and influence, -like musicians. So also with me. One of the things that fascinating me is the swedish photographer Anders Petersen, born i 1944. I love his approach to photography. His easy way to talk about emotions. We need to know that we are never older than we feel and how we reacts to life, obviously. So today I want to share a video with one of the real “masters” out there, Mr. Anders Petersen. Her in speach with a young photo-student from Riga. This video take 57 minuttes, so it’s for people with special interest only, but if you are into photography in any genre I will in the strongest way advise you to spend this minuttes. It is well worth it!

At the same time, just to say it… you can sign up to a workshop in London, UK with this guy 14-16 oct 2016. If you do – we will definitely be together. (info at )

Enjoy! with Anders Petersen from fineArtPrint on Vimeo.

Anders Petersen workshop, London

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