It was with sorrow I get the message yesterday that Willie Seaberry was passed away!

My first visit to the “middel of nowhere club”, Po Monkey’s lounge, was back in 1998. Two years before Annie Leibovitz did the same. I have since visited him several times. He was a wonderful man and always friendly and with open doors, -any way if he has the club open or not. Someone told me that I was not the only photographer who visited the place as often as possible, well known Magnum-photographer David Alan Harvey was also one of them that return back time after time.

– It was really something special with the place, the soul and the man…

Now, when the end is here, I will just say thank you for all what you represent in the north Mississippi area for me. You represent the most genuin breath  that I could find in the delta in my time. -The real deal, neither more nor less!

My picture archive will save memories about you forever and I will never forget our meetings. You did udeliting impression on me.

Rest in peace Willie!

Thanks, once again.


RIP Mr. Willie “Po Monkey” Seaberry

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