Tore, or Thore? …Holm-Hansen, or Holm Hansen? It’s confusing, because in the begining of the 1990-decades  I found a lost passport, and the owner was well known as one of the most famous crooks that walk on the Norwegian mainland at that time. He was a infamous biker and a gang-leader for the Norwegian MC gang, Outlaws. He was sought by FBI in the US and he was a guy that people in general stay away from. So when I first find a passport, and discovered that the owner was Tore Henki Holm-Hansen, the suprise was of course huge…
At that time I don’t want to be conected to this kind of people and because of that I handed the passport to someone else that should deliver it to the policestation. As a curiosity I save a copy-machine-copy of it just for my private collection of oddities.

logo_support_outlaws_72dpi_200px_R26 years later, downtown my own hometown, I discover a man in black behind his small white plastic-table. A salespoint for his new book. I recognize him immediately, and yes it’s him, Tore Henki Holm-Hansen. The man from the passport I found 26 years ago. He is more grey in his hair-color now and undeniable more like a grandpa than a infameous biker.

We start a convesation and I tell him the story about the passport. He remeber wich year he lost it. He replay that it was in 1987. From my view I can tell you that I found it in a place where it could be for a long time without anyone could find it, so the old man remember well… And all the stamps inside the passport ended arround 1987… Las Palmas and Charles De Gaulle was some of the destinations from that time!

pass_fotostatkopi_BW_72dpi_500pxI gave him my own book with pictures from Mississippi, and I buy of course his new biogaphy. He say: This book will tell you the true story, and thats importen because everbody else just make the stories they want even. Stories often without grounding in reality, he told me.

-Well, who can prove the truth here? Don’t ask me, I really don’t know!

We had a nice talk beside his book-sale-table, me and Mr. Tore Henki Holm-Hansen, but now he write his name diferent, with a new “h” in  Thore Henki and no “hyphen” between his two surename, Holm Hansen!

Random? well, appraising the side of this by your self 🙂 – I think this is a small change for us who read it. But for a computer, it is enough not to see the resemblance!

Maybe problem solved…



Thore Henki Holm Hansen with my fanzine “Mississippi” – 6th of august 2016


Meeting with the Outlow Biker Thore Henki Holm Hansen

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