It’s happend at one of my many visits to bookstores, I found this book with photographs. First I just caught the atmosphere of the front of the book, the photographer’s name was so anonymously placed that I did not register it in the move. When I started to leaf this was really photographs in my way and spirit. Who is this faith … well, I realized very soon why it fascinated me. -Anders Petersen, of course! One of my really big favorites. It was quickly placed in my shopping basket!

This is photograph in familiar style of Anders Petersen. Black and white, human events and relationships. Rarely the obvious motives, but the interpersonal interspersed with some monumental expression that arise in the photographer’s quest for objects to photograph. Petersen’s way to compose often take unexpected twists. He cuts where others would not cut and sometimes it may appear quite random. If you ask Anders Petersen although I actually think he would reply that it is sometimes coincidental that his compositions are as them being. He is a photographer who feels more than he sees and composes. For me, he represents intuition Photography more than technical perfection. It is a sign of quality as I see it. In this book there is a light mix of close portraits, street photography, restaurant visits and various absurd motives always out there if you just pay attention to them.

I have recommended Anders Petersen before, and does it again. This book joins only the ranks of good publications from Petersen. Books that often grow both photographic and by it’s collector value.


Valparaiso – Anders Petersen | André Frère Éditions
Publisher: FIFV EDICIONES, Chile
Release: June 2015
ISBN: 9791092265330
Retail price: 25 €


Anders Petersen :: Valparaiso

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