I was a week in Warszaw to do some un posed streets and more. A week full of photography. It was really intencive, but it end up with a lot of photography, nice adventures, exhibitions and personal meets with new friends and photographers arround the town. Well spend time and money. When the all was over I came home full of inspier and a photographic mind that was “charged up” like a “new-charged-device”.

I visit the Leica Gallery where Jacob Aue Sobol had a huge exhibition. I was at the Relax Café four-five times under my stay, I visit the “Un Posed Poland”-Event in Mokotow at saturday and I do arround 60 hour with streetwalks to do candid street photography and I was in different stores for film, photo chemestry, camera stores and similar. A week full of photography.

Here is a video that will present some of my work from the trip. Its take a bit over 6 minuttes and show 58 black&white steels from Warszaw city. Candid un-posed pictures in my own hi-contrasted style. I know that not everbody like it too much, but personally I love it and this is the way I express myself and my own feelings.

I will in the days to come publish more about the trip, specially the exhibits, something about bookstores and of cours a closer  sight into the Saturday-event in Mokotow.

Stay tuned 🙂

Warszaw in October 2018

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