We are writing February 2020 now. It is time to summarize the year that has passed and is now behind us. It has been a good year if I think about it with my travel-glasses on… just look at this:

February 2019 New Fanzine/book release: Massage from Heaven
Pictures from USA, Poland, UK…

Released 02/2019 – 52 pages – 29 pictures in color – Edition: 80 copies
Order your copy here before sold out!

February / March 2019 Georgia, Tbilisi

May 2019 Serbia, Belgrade

May 2019 Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo

Sarajevo Graveyard

May 2019 Poland, Gdansk

July 2019 Sweden, Nykjöping, Stockholm, Åmål, Grums

August 2019 Portugal, Burgau, Lagos, Portimeo, Faro, Lisbon

Candid – Street photo

A fairly tight itinerary in the first half of the year, there was a small puppy in the house from August and the autumn has been a priority to implement the puppy in the family. The dog is now approaching 8 months and from April 2020 there will be new travel-activity on the schedule here.

  • April 2020 The Netherlands, Amsterdam, Zaandam
  • May 2020 Poland, Krakow
  • September 2020 Moldova, Chisinau
  • September 2020 Transnistria, Tiraspol

I choose to tell about the days of traveling in 2019 by displaying a selection of photos from these tours.

Looking back on 2019

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