This weekend I have been in Malmö, Sweden. Actually in a completely different assignment than photography, but the camera was there, as always, and it was of course time for photography along the streets when I find it possible. -Mainly unposed, but some were semi-posing as well, because they saw me but kept me going. Here is a taste of the result…

street, unposed
Street, unposed
street, unposed
street, unposed
street, unposed
street, environment
Semi posed @ the 25th floor bar

Color section:

Street, the green life of Malmö
Well, I read something different. -Of course…
Street, unsharp reallity
Posing because I ask permission on this 🙂
Color version… unposed street
The pink lady @ the central station, unposed.
Unposed @ the 25th floor bar
Virginia Pihlblad, -unposed. She really don’t know that I use my camera in this moment. She does not even know who I am. Pregnancy and such light make it so beautiful.
Details of a city-life taken on one of the city bridges, late night spider!
Destination Malmö, Sweden!

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