Exhibition will be open fra 7th-15th of July 2022 at Åmål Konsthall

The exhibition disposes of the entire ground floor of Åmål art hall. Large airy surfaces show 31 large formats (70x100cm) with images from the Mississippi. Up the stairs there was a great exhibition about Sven Zetterberg put together by his wife, Katri Oksanen. There was also a collection of photos from the early years of Åmål Bluesfest taken by photographer Tony Berg. On top of that you found an exhibition of mechanical art in the spirit of re-design. The exhibition was very well attended during the blues days and a lot of great response to my work.

Austin Walkin’ Cane played at the opening sermony
Lil’ Jimmy Reed
Lisa Lystam Family band

Åmål Bluesfest & my “real deal” exhibition

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