This booklet has 52 pages and display 34 pictures based on theme “Blues”. This book contains pictures from a time that has now disappeared. Many of the legends on display are no longer with us. Many of the photos have never been published before. This mixed with pictures I have over time shown at exhibitions at home and abroad. The pictures in this publication are all connected to the “Blues” in one way or another.

Release in connection to the opening sermony for my exhibition with pictures from Mississippi at Åmål Bluesfest 2022, Thursday 7th of July, 12:00 AM at Åmål Konsthall. You will find the place in same entrance as the local library in downtown Åmål, Sweden.

Price: 100,- NOK or SEK (+ shipping if needed) Order here (or send an email to

First edition, first printing – limited to 100 copies.
New Fanzine: BLUES ::

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