Instagram has eventually ended up as a pretty hopeless platform for photographers. The logarithms that rule in the background make it all very uncontrollable and with all those who now use this platform, people in all categories, it is very difficult to be visible there. It is also very limited with options for the image display itself. And not least, Instagram’s approach to TikTok has transformed the platform in the direction of video rather than still images place.

I have now, -following advice, created a user on the relatively new platform “VERO”. This has so far been very rewarding and the opportunities for us photographers are much better than on Instagram.
On Vero, you can post the images in any format and they will be displayed as they are. You can tag with #hashtags, you can participate in groups and search for themes within photography… and the design is impeccable.

The first impression is very good and I have replaced Instagram forever.

You can see my profile on VERO here:

VERO – the new platform for Photographers?

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