In early January, 7th-14th to be accurate, I traveled with 3 other Norwegian artists to Belgrade to participate in a joint exhibition with 5 Norwegian artists. The exhibition represented photo, painting and drawing.

Besides myself, it was Dragana Ilic, Zoé Eskes, and Billy Castillo who traveled down, while Espen Schei was a exhibitor, but did not participate in the journey itself.

We were marketed as “The Gvarv People of Telemark” when everyone besides myself lives and works in Gvarv and the surrounding area.

But on top of this, there was a whole team of local artists and friends who made sure we got to know Serbia and Belgrade from the inside. We visited a number of galleries, we were at home with artists, we had dinner with agents and gallerists and during the week we had built up a whole new network of people who obviously wanted us well.

In particular, I would like to thank Dragana for taking this initiative. I would also like to thank Tanja, Nina, Jovana and Sasa for their tireless follow -up of us as a group.

There wasn’t much time for photography this week. But the camera was of course along the way, so some pictures are in place in the archive this time as well.

Some teasers of my photographs from these days in Serbia:

My pictures in background @ Beti Ford. From the Exhibit opening Event

One of the artists we visited was Aleksej Daniel Germanovic. He had a fantastic little place next to the Danube River. This was in a small village a short hour drive outside Belgrade. Stari Banovci was the place.

I offer as you can see some few photos in color from the trip, by the way 🙂

Belgrade – the hub of the Balkans

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