The festival itself wrote: Now we can present the second of the photofestival’s two main photographers, Morten Gjerde. He has previously exhibited pictures in Åmål both at the blues-festival and the photo-festival between years. When Morten Gjerde visits Åmål’s Fotofest this time, the focus is on street photography. For a number of years, Morten has traveled around a number of cities in the world and documented life, people and environments. He will show a selection of these photos during the photo party. The exhibition will be on the second floor of the Åmål Konsthall (Åmål Art Gallery).

For my part: I have now finished the production for this exhibition. 52 images have been prepared in slightly different formats. Most of them are, as usual for my work, in black and white. But this time I will on top show a small section of color images.

I also have one large-format picture, 93×80 cm, which is basically black and white on matte paper, but which is hand-coloured. An exciting project that is being shown for the first time from my production.

I wish you all welcome to Åmål Sweden between the festival-days… It will be arranged from 6th-13th of may 2023.

Link to the festival @ facebook:

Upcoming Exhibition in Sweden 6-13.5.23

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