It is important to me not to stagnate in my own expression. In recent years, I have worked mostly in the photographic language suit called “street photography”, a genre with unposed subjects in urban areas. The genre has much in common with documentary photography. Taken exclusively with my fixed focal length of 34mm (~35mm) lens. Now is the time to go a little further, but where will it lead?

Well, I have done some analysis regarding the last years work, and I have come to the conclusion that I photograph most often in landscape format. So it is a small point to try to vary the format a little more in the future. But the format is of course not decisive in any way. There are other factors that matter more for the content of what you deliver.

When it comes to color versus black-and-white, -which is far more tone-setting for the subject, the time is probably not right for such big changes on my part. My winter depressions call for these dark, high-contrast black-and-white images. Yes, I know a lot of people find it a bit depressing, but personally I love them. Unfortunately, I cannot compromise my basic feelings that directly affect my expression. Maybe there will even be more of it than before. Harder contrasts and stronger compositions, – more of what many people actually consider depressive.
-Well, take it or leave it! As long as it is about my personal artistic expression, I have to follow my inner voice. If you compromise on that, the race is over. That’s the way it is!

But what will the change then consist of? I would like to somehow move away from the specific term “street photography”. This is because I want a slightly more free position in the motif choices. I would like to challenge myself on sharpness and blur as a supporting effect in the subject choices. Effects that enhance the experience of sensitivity. But I am keen to do this already in the recording as far as possible. It will involve playing more with the exposure technique and making other technical choices that can help build my subjective expression.

The pictures in this article may stand as some examples of what I envision. So I’m starting now, and then I hope it will be possible to consolidate some exhibitions with completely new material sometime in 2025.

And if I have been unclear, I will of course continue with my 34mm (~35mm) as a working tool. -Just love it! You need to go close, exactly the way i like it.

Wish me good luck!

One step further… 2024 for change!

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