Development. We all need a progression curve. But how to find the way forward? When the technique is in your fingers and all the rules of composition are well known, what then? Then you have to aim deeper. much deeper. Perhaps so deeply that photography as a form will be challenged. -In one way or another.

I’ve reached a point where my normally preferred tradition, street and documentary photography, feels a bit overworked. I struggle to find new angles. It was in this search that I found a for me undescribed leaf in the world of photographers, Olga Karlovac. Her black-and-white photos with greater or lesser degrees of motion blur completely freaked me out in the first impression. So much emotion, so much nerve… in a subjective way of course.

I know many people will not be able to understand this photograph. The technique, which I found on further search to be called ICM PHOTOGRAPHY, is about intentional camera movement at the moment of recording. Of course combined with the otherwise correct technical camera settings. I also believe that your choice of subject and composition choices will be very decisive for the result.

But there is a distinction here. Because images of this nature go beyond freezing a normal photographic moment. We move into a kind of dream world. For many, it will be perceived as merely disturbing. And the purists will butcher this as “failed pictures”. Some will go so far as to claim that this has nothing to do with photography. But in my search for the way forward, -It could any way be at least something to test out .

Photographic poetry? well, in many ways it could be like this. It is a way, -or at least a technic, of some kind of expressing emotions through photography. A silent paper with a picture that will speak to you like a poem. The viewer must take a stand. You have to go into what you see and let it touch you. Touch your own preferences and in that way give you an experience of something. This “something” will depend on how it hits you. -It’s now that it is correct to call it art? -Photographic art? Well, your choise, -but for me it’s something that could be art in one way or another. -So let us give it a tray…

Poetic photography and deeper understanding

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