Bilder av menn


Dag Alveng, Photographer
English: Pictures of men
Universitetsforlaget 1985
ISBN: 82-00-07559-1 (88 pages)

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This book is photographer Dag Alveng’s first book publication, according to his own biography list on his website. The book is actually released by the doctor Trond-Viggo Torgersen, but is mainly a picture book with photographs from Dag Alveng. There are also a small number of pictures taken by other photographers, where the highly acclaimed Swedish photographer Christer Strömholm is one of these. The book is rare and hard to find. This book has some fold marks, but the covers are still intact and fine and without loss reduction. The book is still in very good condition in light of the fact that it is a soft cover from 1985.

Link: Dag Alveng CV

Bilder av menn