Hi friends, helpers, and all others that have possibillity to see this page!

I was, as some of you know, a one-week-trip to Tbilisi in Georgia in the end of february and begining of march… yes, newly comimg home…

First of all, I want to thank you all that was in touch with me personaly in one way or another under my stay. I was suprised, -but very happy, for the kindnes I meet under my stay. Georgians are really open minded, and some of the forigners that I meet was also good meetings of course. I wish you all the best for the future and hope to meet again in a new “roadcross” somewhere out there.

Well, as you know, I visited Georgia to make photograps for a future exhibit project. I had a loose plan to work with some “post-soviet” theme… but I’m not sure if I have picture that actually can make this story complete the way I had inside up front. I think I need a trip to some more placecs in the area arround tbilisi, I mean, other cities in the country. But no worries on my side any way. The time will show how I can sequence it into some stories. So I’m very satisfied with the result. I have so far developed a lot of BW motifs in my first run and I will present the all for you here. Well, so far without sequensing so let me underline that this is just a raw-procuction with a lot of motifs. – It’s made just for you that was in touch under my journey. To let you know that it was really done a lot of work on my walks from suburbs to suburbs and up and down the streets.

As you will recognise in the picture, I love people. Mostly unposed, but of course not always…

I really love it… you are all welcome:

Step to the future…
Jiuli Sikmashvili (80), -leader of the United Communist Party at his office in the headquarter of the party.

Thanks for your time!